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Hey there, Kindred Spirit fans!  (updates from Mike) - November 2023

WOW it’s been a pretty crazy year, as we’ve come to an ending of the current Kindred Spirit line up, after so many years playing together. 

Fortunately, there’s still a lot of music to come from everyone in the band, and a new Kindred Spirit line up will begin soon, starting this upcoming New Years Eve!! We've got a lot of shows planned for 2024 and will keep you all posted- check the “Upcoming shows” on this site. ALSO, check out the new “Kindred Spirit DUO” section on this site for info on our DUO's appearances.

We’re so grateful for everyone’s fantastic support of our band! We have built our sense of musical community since the initial launching of Kindred Spirit back in 2002. Our long-running 5-piece line up has been together since 2010, and it’s been an amazing time, with over 500 shows!! We’ve played for appreciative audiences at some huge outdoor concerts, and at our favorite clubs with full dance floors. 

Over the months ahead, I’m planning to put together some highlight videos and photos from the past years on the Kindred Spirit website and will keep the current recordings and concert videos on here as well.

As for the future, we’re all continuing to make music in several different bands… Duos, Trios, and Full Bands!

While Ed, Joe, and Gary are moving on,  I am working with Brian and some other talented musicians to launch a new version (or versions) of Kindred Spirit.

Currently, Joe, Gary and Brian are collaborating in The Best of Clapton band, Gary is playing in the Skyline Trio, and Ed will continue to play with The Mahoney Brothers band.

As well as a new Kindred Spirit lineup, I’ve got a number of upcoming Kindred Spirit Duo gigs with Steve Bross (from Full Grown Men), as well as singing regularly with Lovelight, the Grateful Dead band. 

I’ll be sending notices out to the Kindred Spirit email list while continuing to post on the band's website and Facebook page. Also, you can check everyone’s Facebook page where they will keep on posting their upcoming projects.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to support LIVE LOCAL MUSIC!

Hope to see you all soon!   Thanks!!   Mike Slom

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Check out our 2020 concert video:

One of our best shows was the September 19, 2020 Drive-In Concert in Mercer County Park. We recorded this show and it's now available on YouTube. Here's the link:  https://youtu.be/Wsl6ACr7xu4  - check it out!! It was a beautiful late afternoon/ early evening show and a great time playing to 1000 people! 

About Kindred Spirit:
Kindred Spirit is a popular rock n' roll cover band based in Central NJ. For the last 20 years we have been playing tunes that people know and love from the 60’s to today.  Our music includes Classic Rock, Motown, and Party Rock by bands such as Santana, Steely Dan, Beatles, Grateful Dead, U2, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, The Who, and many, many others. We have a dedicated following in the clubs and restaurants in our area and invite you to come check us out- it's always a rockin' time when Kindred Spirit is playing!!
We also play a lot of special events, private parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events… we'll bring the party to your place and make sure everyone has a great time!!
We've put some of our best music on the site, so sit back and have a listen! Or you can download to your mobile device!
Hope to see you at one of our gigs!!


Special thanks to:  
Tom Reock for our audio recordings and production
Brian McCarthy, Valerie Ramos and Gary Bodner for most of our site's photos and live video
Tom Seeland Sound for live concert sound for our Live CDs
Jon Shedler for photos and onsite recording of our 2011 Live CD
Jeremy Stirone and John Hunter for onsite recording for our 2014 Live CD

Website design and production of video of the 2020 Mercer County concert and video for “One More Saturday Night” by Mike Slom 
Thanks to our friends and fans for all of your support!!!!

Kindred Spirit Concert Video- Mercer County Park "Drive-In Concert" - September 19, 2020 

Our largest show last year was the September 19, 2020 Drive-In Concert in Mercer County Park. We recorded this show and it's now available on YouTube. Here's the link:  https://youtu.be/Wsl6ACr7xu4  - check it out!! It was a beautiful late afternoon/ early evening show and a great time playing to 1000 people!  

We used 2 cameras, thanks to Kevin & Laurie Bochert, and Tom Reock did our video editing. We used some still photos from Rick Paul and some extra videos and stills from Michael Bernabe and Mike Slom. The concert audio is from the video cameras.

KINDRED SPIRIT - 2023 & 2024- updated band and venue schedule 


  • NEW YEAR'S EVE- Sunday Dec 31 - The Roost at Cream Ridge 8:30pm-12:30am 
  • Saturday Jan 6- The Roost at Cream Ridge 8-11pm 
  • Friday Feb 5- The Roost at Cream Ridge 8-11pm


  • Saturday Nov 25- Rossi's Bar & Grill 6:30-9:30 pm 
  • Saturday Dec 16- Al's Airport Inn, 5-8 pm


Al's Airport Inn, 636 Bear Tavern Rd., Ewing NJ 08928, 609-883-5252 www.AlsAirportInn.com

Boathouse in Mercer County Park, 334 South Post Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550  www.boathouseatmercerlake.com

City Streets Cafe - 510 U.S. 130 South, East Windsor, NJ 08520  609-426-9400 www.citystreetscafe.com  

Cool Cricket, 216 Fourth Street, Fieldsboro NJ 08505; GPS address: 216 Burlington St. Bordentown NJ, 609-291-9110  www.thecoolcricket.com

Cooper's Riverview (former Rho), 50 Riverview Plaza, Rt. 29, Trenton NJ 08611  609-393-7300 www.coopersnj.com

Hamilton Tap & Grill, 557 US 130, Hamilton, NJ 08620, (609) 905-0925 www.hamiltontap.com

Ivy Tavern, 3108 South Broad Street  Hamilton, NJ        
609-888-1435  www.ivytavern.com

Laurita Winery, 85 Archertown Rd., New Egypt NJ 08553 
609-752-0200   www.LauritaWinery.com 

Levittown VFW, Post 6495, 1605 Haines Rd., Levittown PA 215-946-6261

Mercer Oaks Golf Course and Catering, 725 Village Road West, Princeton Junction NJ 08550 609-275-9260  www.merceroakscatering.com 

Princeton Country Club, 1 Wheeler Way, Princeton NJ 609-452-9382 

The Patio at Mountain View Golf Course, 850 Bear Tavern Rd, Ewing NJ 08626 609-538-0808 www.thepatio.scvr.co

Pete’s Steakhouse, 523 Whitehorse Avenue, Hamilton, NJ      
609-585-8008  www.PetesSteakHouse.com  

Rossi's Bar & Grill, 2110 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd., Hamilton Township NJ 08619 609-890-2004 www.RossisBarandGrill.com

The Roost at Cream Ridge, 181 Route 539,  Cream Ridge, NJ  609-208-2500 www.theroostatcreamridge.com

Terhune Orchards Winery, 330 Cold Soil Rd., Princeton NJ 08540 , 609-924-2310,  www.terhuneorchards.com/events-at-a-glance www.shadybrookfarm.com.   


KINDRED SPIRIT concert called "enthralling" on front page of Trenton Times ! 

July, 2015:
Hi there Kindred Spirit fans –

We had a great time playing for the Lawrence Twp Fireworks again this year!
Crowd estimates were between 5000 and 7500 people!! 
We were mentioned the following day on the front page of the Trenton
Times, our concert was called "enthralling"!!
While I am still laughing a bit about us old rock'n'rollers being called
"enthralling", we did put on a really great show that night so we'll accept a
compliment!!  (I think the word "kick-ass" might have fit but they can't use
that in the newspaper.... lol....) 
Here's the article with some good pics too:

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The Kindred Spirit DUO, Mike Slom & Steve Bross, are returning to Al's Airport Inn on Saturday December 16, 5-8 pm. Come on by for dinner, drinks, and acoustic classic rock, folk, soul and jazz tunes! Call for reservations at 609-883-5252. https://www.alsairportinn.com/livemusic